Is Hitting an Animal Covered by Vehicle Insurance?


Between July 2021 and June 2022, there were on average 1.9 million animal collision claims filed in the United States. But, depending on the size of the animal, you might need to shift gears and begin formulating a plan for how you will pay for the harm the animal caused.

When a car and an animal collide, the car typically suffers minimal to no damage. Yet when the animal in question is bigger, like a pet dog, coyote, deer, or bear, it can do a lot of harm. Even you could get hurt in the crash.


This tutorial will answer your question about whether automobile insurance covers hitting an animal. Read all the way through.

Which kind of insurance covers hitting an animal?

Animals cause about 260,000 accidents annually on average. Regrettably, the majority of common insurance policies do not offer coverage for the cost of damages caused by an animal accident.

Yet, if you have the foresight to purchase comprehensive collision insurance, you might be in luck. If you have comprehensive insurance, it will also defend you if you veer off the road to avoid hitting an animal but hit a pothole or something else instead.


Is hitting a dog covered by vehicle insurance?

A dog being hit by a car is a very traumatic situation. Because of this, it’s crucial to know what to do and whether you’re insurance will apply. In general, comprehensive insurance will cover any damage to your car. If you are found liable for the accident, your liability insurance may cover the dog’s medical bills and other expenses.

Is hitting a deer covered by auto insurance?

Any car damage brought on by hitting a deer will be covered by your auto comprehensive coverage. Automobile damage brought on by unforeseen events, such as driving over a deer or other animal, may be covered by comprehensive insurance. For the collision to be covered by comprehensive insurance, your car must hit the animal.

Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim for animal damage to my car?

It varies. Your insurance rates can go up if you make a claim for bumping into an animal. This is because it’s possible that each insurance claim you file could result in an increase in the price of your auto insurance.

Pricing for auto insurance is determined by a number of factors, including the insurance company you already have coverage with, your driving record, claims history, and more, when you renew your policy or hunt for a new provider.

Even though comprehensive claims normally don’t boost insurance rates as much as collision claims do, if you file a claim for an accident involving an animal, your next renewal price may go up.

How do I claim animal damage on my car insurance?

We are all familiar with the bewilderment, remorse, and worry that follow hitting an animal. If you are ever bitten by an animal, you should perform the following:

Move your automobile off the road and away from the animal in Step 1: Turn on your hazard lights and stay inside the car as soon as it is safe to do so.

2. Step #2 – Make a police call: Inform the police if the animal is blocking the road because it may be hazardous for oncoming cars.

3. Step #3 – Avoid the deer or other animals: A startled deer may charge at people after being hit by a car. The police will deal with the situation whenever they arrive.

4. When the situation is safe, take pictures of the incident: Take pictures of the road, the surroundings, any damage, and any wounds you or your passengers may have received. If another driver offers help, take note of how they describe the circumstance and collect their contact information.

5. Step #5: File a claim with your insurance company: If you know their phone number, you can call them, or you can find their customer care number on the website of your insurance company. Call them and let them know everything that happened.

6. Verify that your car is safe to drive before continuing: Take particular attention to anything like spilling fluids, broken lights, or a loose hood. If your auto insurance policy includes roadside assistance or comprehensive coverage, your insurance company can help with towing your vehicle.

How can I prevent hitting a deer?

In our nation in 2021, deer caused more than 200 fatalities. By adhering to a few simple rules, you can avoid hitting a deer on the road.

• If you see a deer while driving, slow down and keep an eye out for others since they typically travel in groups.

• If you notice a yellow, diamond-shaped sign with a deer on it, pay attention since it is a sign that deer commonly cross the road there.

• A deer’s eyes may also reflect light from your headlights, making them easier to spot while driving.

• Between October and December, during the mating season, most deer accidents occur. Drive carefully during this time of year, especially if you’re out during the hours before dawn or after dusk, when deer are most active.


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